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Intel has been known for coming up with top of the line processors for many years now. In fact the Core i7 series have been the best processor line up in the world. It basically comes with a faster multi-core technology that applies processing power when it is needed the most. The Core i7 processors help deliver an incredible breakthrough when it comes to PC performance.
intel i7 970 Core i7 970: Cheaper i7 980X Alternative | Price, Release Date and Specs Confirmed!
And just recently Intel unveils its newest addition to its processor line which is known as the Core 17-970 processor. The Core i7-970 is apparently a more affordable version of the Core i7-980X which was the first consumer processor to feature six cores that was released last March.
The Core i7-970 is very much similar in specs as the Core i7-980X. It was also built using the same 32nm manufacturing process which packs around 1.17 billion transistors on a 240mm2 die.

Aside from the abovementioned features the Core i7-970 also comes with the following specs:
  • Frequency: 3.2 GHz
  • Core: Gulftown
  • Number of cores: 6 x physical and 6 x logical
  • Manufacturing process: 32nm
  • Cache: L1:32KB+32KB (each core), L2:256KB(each core),L3:12MB(shared)
  • Packaging: Flip chip LGA1366
  • Thermal Design Power:130W
  • Features: SSE, SSE2, SSE3, SSSE3, SSE4, EM64T, EIST, Execute Disable Bit, VT, Hyper-Threading
  • Intel Smart Cache: 12 MB
  • QPI speed: 4.8 GT/s
  • Technology: Shared Smart Cache Technology, Intel Virtualization Technology, Enhanced Intel SpeedStep Technology and Intel 64 Technology
  • Processor Input voltage: .95v
As we can see the Core i7-970 is almost similar to the Core i7-980X in many aspects. However, the big difference between these 2 processors is that the Core i7-980X is equipped with an unlocked multiplier while the Core i7-970 is not. Also, it is good to mention the $120 (or more) difference between these 2.
intel gulftown die Core i7 970: Cheaper i7 980X Alternative | Price, Release Date and Specs Confirmed!
In some of the tests conducted against the Core i7-970, some critics finds this processor to be something fast and noticed that somehow it has successfully managed to keep pace with the Core i7-980X performance. It may not be able to provide the same performance as that of the Core i7-980X but these differences may not be a big deal for most people after all.
The Core i7-970 is being offered at a price of $885 (per 1000 units ordered) which is slightly more affordable than the Core i7-980X ($1000+). . The Core i7-970 seems to be a pretty good choice to save a little money and still gets the most when it comes to performance.

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